Himill Chiropractic

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Redefining luxury healing

Himill Chiropractic approached us with a unique request: update the brand while maintaining the emphasis on the pre-existing "H" in their previous logo. First, we created a new icon utilizing negative space to make Himill instantly recognizable with spinal healing. We next created a custom font to turn the Himill name into a balanced icon that is powerful enough to stand on its own. The result is a uniquely playful, yet sophisticated brand that is easily applied to a range to media.

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We work on projects of all sizes, budgets, and schedules, and work with clients who are equally diverse in size and industry. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We work with you to create custom solutions that work for you. We offer our clients personal service and develop honest and collaborative relationships. Together, we solidify strong messages and bring those messages to life. We're looking forward to telling your story.

San Diego, California
Ashland, Oregon
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