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A Calm mind supporting a calm birth

Located in Portland, Oregon, Calm Birth offers the practice of mindful meditation to heal the nervous system in preparation for childbirth. When we were asked to update their aging logo with a new image that could support an international brand, we created a glyph that can be applied across all nationalities, genders, age and sexual preferences. We're proud to have helped attract Calm Birth clients to birth their children into greater function and ability.

"Keeks Creative can take the vaguest of instructions and turn them into something unique, eye-catching, and beautiful. To top it all off, Lauren and Richmond are a joy to work with. Their passion for their work comes through in everything they do. Their thorough intake process ensures that you are on the same page about the present state and future aspirations of your program, and they keep your goals centered throughout the design process. The design process feels collaborative; they strive for perfection, and they achieve it. I cannot recommend Keeks highly enough for all your design needs!"
Anna Humphreys, MSW, MPH, CD(PALS)
Director, Calm Birth

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